Leadership Mountain View

Helping Good People Become Great Leaders!

Testimonials from LMV graduates

The depth of LMV's curriculum sets it apart among community leadership programs.  Tom Myers, Executive Director, Community Services Agency
LMV attracts the best and brightest.
— Brian Szabo, Executive Director, KMVT Community Television
The more people understand what other people do, the better off we all are
— Kevin Duggan, Manager (Ret.), City of Mountain View
CHAC would have never found one of our best Board members, if not for LMV.
— Monique Kane, Executive Director, Community Health Awareness Council
LMV helps us show the public the faces of law enforcement and the MV police department. It is critical for the public to understand who we are and what we do.
— Scott Vermeer, Chief (Ret.), Mountain View Police Department
LMV hard-wires us into the Mountain View community.
— Terence Pagaduan, Government Relations Specialist, NASA
I am always referring people to different things here in MV and 9 times out of 10 it is something I learned through LMV.
— Jenn Poret, Booking Coordinator, Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts
I am really starting to see the big picture of where I can go and what I can do after LMV.
— Megan Perdue, Senior Services Program Director, Community Services Agency
LMV helps you know the community, and the better you know the community, the more effective you can be.
— Monique Kane, Executive Director, Community Health Awareness Council

Leadership Mountain View is a program of the
Mountain View Chamber of Commerce Foundation (MVCOCF) a 501(c)3 Non-Profit